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P.O. Box 1621 Saint Peters MO 63376 US


Having worked with Municipalities for over 30 years - 

we understand the importance of pleasing your residents as

well as meeting regulatory compliances.

Our elgin sweepers provide an exceptional job for routine

maintenance and cleaning of city streets

Maintenance of pavers and storm drain cleaning is a specialty 

of our Whirlwind vacuum trucks.

Our water trucks offer superior cleaning and power washing

of streets and sidewalks.  

They also offer the capabilities of watering sod and landscaping.

Having worked with construction site clean-up for over 30 years - we understand this industry's need for dependable quality sweeping. 

Our fleet of elgin eagle sweepers specializes in rotomill, chip rock and heavy construction debris. 

When saw cutting concrete, our vacuum trucks provide exceptional slurry removal. 


Our water trucks offer great service when filling washing equipment, base compaction and dust suppression.