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contractors and Municipal            sweeping service inc.

In addition to the Eagle Sweepers, we have 3 Elgin Vacuum Sweepers. The Elgin Whirlwind is the recommended equipment for the following:

  • Permeable Pavers (slit removal)

  • Saw cut slurry removal

  • Fine dust projects

  • Storm Drain/Sewer Inlets

An 8 inch tube with vacuum abilities strong enough to pick up a brick makes

the Elgin Whirlwind the ideal equipment for storm drain cleaning.

Our fleet of 12 Elgin Eagle Street Sweepers is equipped with two side curb brooms and one rear main broom.  The street sweepers all use water for dust control and sweep a 10 foot wide path.

We specialize in all types of heavy debris clean-up including but not limited to:

  • Rotomill

  • Chip rock

  • Rumble strips

  • Overlay

  • Pre and post construction cleaning

  • Municipality and residential sweeping

  • Parade and event clean-up

With a variable lift height ranging from the ground

up to 11 feet, our sweepers have the ability to dump

on the ground, in a dumpster and in a dump truck.